Artmedia Decor selected to execute the new Kia Motors Jordan Showroom Decor

Artmedia Décor selected to execute Kia Motors Jordan Showroom Décor

Kia Motors, one of the world’s fastest-growing automotive brands and Cheil Worldwide chose Artmedia Decor, one of the Retail Decor executor in Amman, Jordan to execute and install a new state-of-the-art showroom which will be located in the heart of west Amman. 



Project Highlights

Private Consulting Space Décor execution

Private consulting space is designed for important works such as signing of contract, etc., and dealing with premium customers, etc.

Walls of this closed space is constructed of soundproofing material. Although openness to the space is ensured with use of glass, privacy is also ensured through the application of window graphics.

It includes elements necessary in producing luxurious images including display panel needed for consultation, storage cabinet and premium carpet, furniture and landscaping elements, etc.

This particular space is well-designed to fulfill Kia Motors Customer needs meanwhile buying a vehicle and some considerations have been taken seriously in terms of materials, the fine-art execution following the image of Kia Motors brand. 

Premium Lounge Décor

Premium lounge is a symbolic space that enables the facility to be seen as a rest space in urban center rather than simply a space for exhibition and sales of vehicles.

Enhance the understanding of the new facility concept by securing visibility of facility from outside and produce café-like ambience.

Produce warm ambience by using mustard color, which is a point color of the brand, with achromatic black and gray colors as the background, and through the use of premium carpet, lighting and landscaping.

The new Kia showroom in Amman, is an innovative concept that differentiates it from its competitors - integrating showroom, display and distribution areas

Kia's new showroom in Amman, Jordan is a model of the quality and attention to detail that we're known for.

More about the project

Why Artmedia Decor?

Artmedia Decor is one of the largest retail decor designer and executors in Jordan enhanced with a wide range production capabilities using state-of-art high technology machines. 

The retail decor production requires a high end understanding of design, how to build and uses of materials for a better customer experience to fulfill brands identities.


Artmedia Décor factory capibilities

  • Wood fabrication and joinery. 
  • Metal fabrication.
  • Civil work. 
  • Showroom lighting systems. 
  • Acrylic fabrication.
  • Signages design and production.
  • Wall Graphics. 
  • Posters printing and Large format printing.