Clients Account Manager

Clients Account Manager

Job description

The ideal candidate will be able to appropriately identify the needs of both new and current customers in order to aid customers in their success using our services. This will be done by developing an appropriate level of communication with clients and internal team members to better understand and mitigate any issues the customers may face.


  • Work cross functionally within the company to communicate with all stakeholders in customers’ success
  • Create and maintain relationships with customers to better understand and achieve their needs
  • Make visits to our customers to identify opportunities for growth within our platform
  • Manage all reporting about the health of customers’ accounts
  • consult with your client to determine their budget and goals for the space, and put together a team to decorate the client’s business.
  • Projects go-getter and prepare sales pitch proposals whenever is needed.


  • Previous account management experience
  • Preferably bachelor’s degree in a closely related field, such as fine arts, interior design, or décor design from an art school.
  • Previous experience at an interior design firm is a plus.
  • demonstrated skills with a variety of administrative responsibilities and the ability to manage a large team of production facility.
  • Understand design software uses and how to read décor plans.
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